Lets Not Forget Who Gideon Gono Was /Dr. Noah Manyika

Let’s not forget who Gideon Gono was: the lynchpin of Mugabe’s and Zanu(PF)’s criminal enterprise. The man who was the Governor of the Reserve Bank and for all intents and purposes, the Minister of Finance as well, and like Obert Mpofu, one of Mugabe’s obedient sons.

If Mugabe bought property outside the country or externalized funds, Gono knew because he would have had to authorize the movement of money. If on the countless international junkets millions in foreign currency left the country, “Your Governor” Gono who had become the personal banker for the criminal enterprise knew.

Compatriots, don’t underestimate how dangerous and sinister his spirited attempt to liken the scandal of the Farm Mechanisation Program that was the focus of @Wamagaisa’s BSR to every government program designed to help disadvantaged citizens is.

It’s critical to understand the grand strategy here. If we buy his argument, no act of corruption that Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government “legalizes” retroactively can ever be scrutinized. No one will be able to question the corruption of the Command Agriculture/Fuel deals involving Sakunda and other Zanu(PF) connected criminals.

Equating blatant acts of corruption by Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government (and Robert Mugabe’s government) with grants given to university students and the writing off of electric bills owed by citizens impoverished by the corruption, the plunder, the incompetence of this Zanu(PF) government is nothing short of evil and must be fully condemned. It is an attempt to criminalize every citizen, to silence everyone with the absurdity that “tose tirikudya” (we are all eating).

The majority of Zimbabweans live below the poverty datum line, not Gono’s opulent lifestyle. They neither own the Gono type of house nor drive the kinds of cars these robbers drive. Their children don’t go to exclusive schools, and when they are sick, they cannot afford to be whisked to China for treatment. Because of the state of our hospitals, any illness, including a common flu can be a sentence of death.

The beneficiaries of the mechanization program were not disadvantaged citizens. These are people who were perfectly capable of paying back these loans. It is virtually the same people who incurred huge ZESA and ZINWA bills and never paid them. The same group of people benefit from Chiadzwa diamonds, and from the corrupt Drax deals exposed by @daddyhope and others.

Claiming that there were names omitted from the BSR is not a defense. Those who make this claim must expose those names and let the chips fall where they may.

It’s clear that exposing these criminals works. It makes them panic. Citizens who have information about these criminals must continue to provide it. It is important that none of these robbers find a place to hide.

As for those who have defended them before because you claimed you did not know, well, now you know. #farewelltoinnocence. The greatest strategy against dictators and criminals is indeed truth. It will set us free.

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