It’s Not ED Alone Who Has Crossed The Rubicon/ Dr. Noah Manyika

In a recent article on Zimbabwe, journalist Shannon Ebrahim argued that Emmerson Mnangagwa had finally crossed the Rubicon by calling his political opponents terrorists in his most recent State of the Nation address.

The reality is that Emmerson Mnangagwa crossed the Rubicon decades ago, and that what he publicly expressed recently is what he has been practicing for years.One of the reasons change has been slow to come to Zimbabwe is because we choose to overlook the psychopathy of some people in the system, while zeroing in on a single person as the enemy of the people. So it was that Mugabe became a devil surrounded by angels, and Zimbabweans foolishly celebrated his demise and replacement by his protege who clearly had more degrees in violence than his mentor.

Most of our judges and magistrates chose a long time ago to be on the side of the history that butters both sides of their bread. They have no incentive to become like the Constitutional and Supreme Courts of Malawi which recently asserted their independence from the executive branch if we continue to pretend that they are impartial upholders of our constitution, and are not to blame for the state of our nation.

There is no difference between a partisan judge who allows the continued detention of an innocent Zimbabwean for exercising their constitutional rights, and a state security operative who abducts and kills. The lives of Zimbabweans do not matter to magistrates and judges who, knowing that a citizen was detained unlawfully, still deny him bail. 

Again, these judges are as psychopathic and sadistic as their political masters, and it is important to send a clear and unequivocal message to them, and all those senior civil servants like Nick Mangwana who have been celebrating the political detention of Hopewell Chin’ongo and Jacob Ngarivhume that they too will not escape the law in a truly independent Zimbabwe for violating the constitutional rights of the citizens of Zimbabwe.

Two months ago we started a petition that has been signed by over 60 thousand people to stop the Zimbabwean army, police and state security services from obeying illegal and unconstitutional orders and brutalizing citizens. The voices of the people of Zimbabwe and those of our friends must not be silent until Emmerson Mnangagwa’s repressive rule ends and we can finally have the freedom they have denied us but which we fully deserve. Help us promote this petition.




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