“An outstanding orator and brilliant thought leader on global issues and trends. I have heard him hold many audiences in Washington, D.C. spellbound.”

             – Dr. Allan Goodman – President: 

               International  Institute of Education

One of the most original and inspiring thinkers of our times. His understanding of historical and current events and intellectual command of the material he presents as a keynote speaker and Master Coach is amazing.”

         Julian Champion : 

           West Point School of Music,

           Chicago, Il.

“When Noah Manyika speaks, its hard not to be transfixed.” 

           – May Wong, President

               Office Depot Foundation. 

               Boca Raton. Fl. 

“One of the most gifted communicators I know. He has a rare combination of deep intellect with a keen ability to connect with audiences of all types. Few can simultaneously educate and inspire the way Noah does.”

          – Jay Hein, former White House official

             President Sagamore Institute.   

“A leader of leaders in a class of his own. Noah is an inspiring master coach with unique abilities to educate and dissect micro and macro issues on a global scale. If you need motivation laced with inspiration, while leaving the audience wanting more, then Noah is your man.”

        –   Manny Ohonme, Founder, President & CEO 

              Samaritan’s Feet International. 

“A Tier 1 leader and mentor with unique ability to mesmerize the most astute and learned thought leaders of our time and to speak to cross cultural multi-generational audiences, calling them to action to accomplish nearly impossible tasks.”

          Colin Pinkney,  Executive Director 

           The Harvest Center of Charlotte. 

            Chaplain: NBA Charlotte Hornets

“Dr. Manyika is adept at mobilizing people to action. His messages on putting gifts to work inspired me to start a part-time consulting business, through which I have completed three projects influencing two major universities and one hospital.”

         – Michelle Woodbury

           Advisory Projects Manager at PWC



“Dr. Manyika is a captivating strategic thinker with a genuine love for people. He knows no other way to live than according to the compelling concern he has for the marginalized populations of the world in need of leaders committed to building capacity, not clout.”

           – Dr Courtney Cash: 

             Community Development

             Global Impact International


“A brilliant and selfless global citizen whose track record speaks for itself. Deeply rooted in the present, his outstanding contributions to the emancipation of humanity will impact generations to come.”

           Fazila Mahomed: Editor 



“Dr. Noah Manyika is an exceptional public speaker and one of the most influential leaders of our time. His presentations and writings are deeply rooted in research and a profound understanding of the issues at hand.”   

       – Francis Rwodzi, Political Officer,  

          Australian Embassy Zimbabwe

Noah has a unique gift, able at once to understand the import of an issue, to package it in a palatable and digestible way and to deliver it with both power and finesse. During the 2018 Presidential election campaign, it was common knowledge that the leaders of the long established parties feared sharing a platform with him for fear of being exposed and embarrassed by his superior oratory.”

          – William Pilbrough:  Former Vice President 

             Build Zimbabwe Alliance

Lori Ashford, President of the Washington DC based Clarity Global Health (LLC) and former classmate of Noah’s describes him as a “deep thinker, exceptional writer and inspiring leader.“ His exit performance from the School of Foreign Serve at Georgetown before a panel of experts designed to simulate a congressional hearing was described by John Finney (New York Times) and Marvin Kalb (founding director of the Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy) as a “tour de force.”