Like many little African boys of my generation, I used to go to school without shoes, relieve myself in pit-latrines, and study by candle light. Even though we grew up in a world which constantly told us we wouldn’t amount to anything, our parents made us believe we could be anything we set out hearts to be.  I speak four languages, sing in three, dream in two and don’t always make sense in any one of them to my wife and children! I have been married to Phillis for over thirty years and we are the proud parents of Danielle, Rae and Kennedy.

I am the product of African village schools, the Stefan Gheorghiu Academy in Communist Romania, and of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. where I was a Fulbright Scholar. I am currently a Senior Fellow with the Sagamore Institute for Policy Research I credit my experiences in Zimbabwe, my  three-year stay behind the “Iron Curtain” in Nicolae Ceausescu’s Romania, and my faith with cultivating my passion for unleashing the creative potential of all people.


After creating businesses and holding executive leadership positions in Zimbabwe between 1987 and 1994, I moved to Charlotte NC where I authored my first book, founded Nexus Global Serve and led campaigns to create the Charlotte Children Scholarship Fund, Brookstone School, the Charlotte Empowerment Zone and other interventions for disadvantaged communities. I served on the Affordable Housing Cabinet created by the late developer John Crosland, the Queens University Advisory Board, and on the Boards of Directors of United World Missions, Harvests of Hope, and Above and Beyond. I also served as an adviser to ministry organizations in the Charlotte area on the development of their urban and global missions work.


Over the years  my work in at-risk communities has received recognition and support from global icons such as former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield and international superstar Will. I. Am.

From 2009 to 2013, I was an advisor to the Zimbabwe Government of National Unity created by the major political parties in the country after over two decades of political turmoil.  By leveraging my global network, I helped design programs for the Organ for National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration (ONHRI) led by then Vice President, the late John Nkomo. This work extended beyond Zimbabwe’s borders. In September 2012, I hosted the late Dr. Morgan Tsvangirai, then Prime Minister in the Government of National Unity, at a prayer meeting with Zimbabweans in the diaspora in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In partnership with Manny Ohonme of Samarian’s Feet and the World Wide Shelters, we created the Shoes for National Healing program, launched sports outreaches and rebuilt derelict classrooms in Zimbabwe.


I wrote this book to inspire you to understand that somewhere out there is a cause with your name written on it. You may not need to go far to find it. It may be as near as your home, your classroom, workplace, church, community or country. Your responsibility is to respond not because you can, but because you must. Is there not a cause?


“An excellent work…one of the two best I have ever read on Christian leadership.” Steve Martin – Derek Prince Ministries

“A powerful work…offers superb clarity and discernment on the way God regards the leadership issue, both in Christian and secular circles.” – Dennis Matangira : Zebu Investment Partners

“This book has the inspirational edge of a Dale Carnegie piece and the moral backbone of the book of James. It is a sermon on leadership, not a theoretical, ivory tower polemic.” J. Champion- Caribbeans for Christ

“The Challenge of Leadership still remains one of the best books I’ve ever read.” Dr. David Chadwick – Senior Pastor: Moments of Hope Church, Charlotte, NC.