We Must Vote for The Best

We must stop bewitching ourselves and stealing the future of our children by listening to those who want us to believe it’s “too late” to make the best choices for ourselves. African countries fail to to eliminate poverty because of the electorate’s acceptance of the promise of “better” instead of the best that is possible. We owe it to ourselves and to future generations not to settle for less when we can have the best.

Its never too late to vote for the best councilor. It’s never too late to vote for the best MP. It’s never too late to vote for the best presidential candidate. It’s never too late to reject the idea that all we Africans deserve are slight improvements of our terrible conditions. Not only must we demand more of ourselves and from our leaders, we have a duty and responsibility to make it clear to those who think we are too stupid to know who we are and what we deserve that we are children of God who deserve the best.

Is There Not a Cause?

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