The Economy Is Not Stupid

The Economy is Not Stupid

Our situation won’t change from more information and more “dramatic” revelations from any “Communications Taskforce” when we don’t have the courage to act on what we know already. The truth is we knew enough and were sufficiently acquainted with our misery before we voted for the leaders we elected in 2018.

We knew the quality and reputation of those leaders. We knew that the tremendous wealth most of them had gained could not have been acquired by honest means in an economy as broken as ours.

We knew that the Community Share Ownership schemes launched by government after the discovery of diamonds and other resources never lifted poor Zimbabweans out of poverty, but enriched the leaders and those connected to them.

We knew that a party whose own administrators admitted was flat broke only a year before suddenly had more money than King Solomon during the final few months of the campaign at a time when our budget deficit was also increasing by $5 billion in one year.

We knew that the condescending business people who are now strangely quiet used to admonish us to choose “stability” over change not because they really cared for the people, but because they wanted to protect their exclusive access to power and the business benefits they could get.

We know that a government which has for decades failed to keep most of its promises to its people and cannot protect them from primitive diseases like cholera is the same one today saying it will clear our arrears to the ADB, WB, IMF etc within 12 months.

Thankfully the economy is not stupid. Because it has more common sense than many of us, it won’t be fooled by the idea that the winners of any election are the best ones to run a country when the objective facts say otherwise.

It will not bend to the will of brilliant technocrats nor decorated war veterans who suggest that fake money has the same value as real money.

We will deliver ourselves and win the war on poverty when we have the courage to act on what we already know from the one consistent voice for political and economic reform and renewal in our country. That voice is not the voice of any man, but the voice of our economy.

Is there not a cause?

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