If You Were 30 at Independence, You Will Be 80 in 2030 or Most Likely Departed

So Al Bashir is finally out, but it took 30 years for the Sudanese people to wake up!

During those years, many of the people he was stealing from considered him their champion. Many sang praise songs at rallies he addressed.

Many went along with the idea that those he considered enemies were also their enemies. As a result they (the people) became complicit in the savage brutalization of fellow citizens.

While Al Bashir and the political elites lived lives of privilege and wealth, it was the “patriotic duty” of the people to sacrifice their livelihoods and dreams to defend their leaders from “the evil machinations of external enemies.”

Consider this: by the time the people woke up, a man who was 30 years young at the beginning of Bashir’s rule was a tired 60 year old.

A young woman in her prime was now a grandmother past menopause.

A child born then was most likely a jobless and hopeless 30 year old.

We are still asleep in Zimbabwe 39 years after independence. No, we did not  wake up in November 2017. We took a bathroom break to relieve ourselves of some pressure but promptly went back to sleep.

Today we are expected to be excited about the government purchasing 200 buses for mass transit when those of us who are old enough know that we once had an urban mass transit system which was the envy of Africa but which was run down by the same incompetent government which was also responsible for the destruction of our national railway system.

Everyday we are hypnotized by promises of a middle income Canaan by 2030 by a ZanuPF government with a 39 year record of failure.
Here is a sobering thought:

By the time the latest ZanuPF experiment fails in 2030, which it shall at the rate at which things are going, a person who was 20 at independence will be 70. Those who were 30 will be 80, and many will have departed. Those born in 1980 will be 50.

There will be no significant change in this country until we understand the impact of bad governance on each of us. And perhaps it helps to stop using euphemisms like
“Those who were 30 at independence will be 80, and many will have departed,” and instead say it in the clearest way that many will be dead. Perhaps then we might wake up.

Is there not a cause?

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