Keynote Speaker and Master Coach on Living, Working and Finding Purpose in the Present-Future

Living in the Present-Future

At a time of extraordinary human progress, the forces of globalization are as disruptive as they are equalizers.  Opportunities are as plentiful as poverty is persistent. How then must we live?  Book Dr. Noah Manyika for an inspiring and life-changing Time and Chance: Living in the Present Future talk or Life-Coaching Seminar. 


Present-Future workplaces offer few guarantees for career longevity at a time most millennials are significantly behind in their retirement saving. According to the findings of Aon – a risk, retirement and health consulting provider  (CNBC 12/12/2018) – most won’t be able to retire until age 70 or later. Dr. Noah Manyika’s #NOTBUSINESSASUSUAL: Working in The Present-Future talks and seminars help workers and companies to have candid discussions about these challenges and to explore innovative solutions.

Finding purpose: Is There Not a Cause?

Charlotte, NC is an example of a city experiencing the unrelenting tide of human progress. Gentrifying at the speed of light, the city was voted the 21st Best place to live ( in 2018 at a time when it has an affordable housing deficit of over 34000 units. Dr. Noah Manyika draws on two decades of experience working in at-risk communities to inspire individuals and companies to discover the invisible mission field they do not see. Is There Not a Cause?


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